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‘Data helps you identify the important social trends, signals, audience interests, and cues needed to market your brand successfully’ - Smart Data Collective

Having access to a platform that can allow you to schedule, compare and build in-depth reports is vital for any business. Brandwatch is a social media measuring and reporting tool that allows the team at Gather to have the power to change the way you implement your advertising strategies and support you in improving your results.

How will Gather make your life better?

  • We can get it right the first time, and remove the guesswork.

  • Create future content using data from your existing top-performing content.

  • We can provide you with regular customised reports.

  • Help you understand and analyse your data.

Not got the tools?

Understanding if your social media efforts are a success or not, is important for decision-making and plans for future campaigns. Here at Gather we use Brandwatch, the social media management and reporting tool which gives both us and you access to all your consumer and marketing data across all social platforms.

Not got the understanding?

The team at Gather are experts in everything analytics and reporting. We’re here to help you identify patterns and insights across your social media and website traffic. Not only this we are only a WhatsApp away if you have any questions about the reports we send over.

Our Clients

Take a look at what some our existing clients have to say.

Gather Social are at the forefront of the social space, we’re always learning from the team at Gather about the latest insights and trends. This enables us to stay ahead of the market and attract the best talent.

- Darius Matusiak, Managing Director - Partnerships, at Macildowie Recruitment and Retention

    Here to Help

    Brandwatch is our go-to social media management platform, for many reasons. Not only can using Brandwatch help you target your audience more effectively but it can help create a stronger bond with your customers. Using the ‘Engage’ area of the tool, you can manage your communications across every connected social media channel in one place. We all know that a better consumer experience and relationship results in more sales and returning customers. We can help take the pressure off your back regarding your marketing and you can focus on the other important aspects of your business.

    If you’re looking for a social media management platform that can help you understand your social media efforts, get in touch with the Gather team today.

    What’s the next step?

    To be successful on social, you need as much content as possible. If you don’t have the time to create social-first content, check out our social services