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Social Media Success: A workshop for Directors and Owners

13 August 2019


We would love to welcome you to this free, high-level session on social media marketing.


Tuesday, October 1st - 8:30 am 


We are Gather Social and we work with a wide range of businesses from Premier League Football Clubs and massive corporations to restaurants and small businesses and just about everything and anything in between. This workshop will challenge you mentally and leave you with lots of actions you can make within your business. We hope to challenge your understanding of social media and whats possible, whilst opening your mind to the possibilities it holds for your business.


The workshop will be broken down into the below topics with some introduction as to what you can expect on the day.


Social data:


What the hell is this? Do I own any? And is it GDPR compliant?


Job title, fields of study and company working for data:


This part of the workshop will shock you. It's quite unbelievable how much information Facebook has on its users. Whether you want to target customers or top talent you will find an accurate audience to target. We will show you some examples of just what's on offer.


Facebook Pixel:


You may or may not be familiar with the Facebook Pixel, but it is familiar with you. We will give some real top-line detail on how this works and how you can utilise this within your business. In this part of the workshop, we will discuss how companies like have used this so successfully and maybe piece together some gaps for you. Let's call it your, “Arrrrgh that's how they do it!” moment.


What is the Audience Network:


We so often hear Facebook described as just 'Facebook'. Facebook is like the big brother in a range of advertising tools available from what we like to call the Facebook product family. In this part of the workshop, we will explore what the Audience Network is within the family of products, and the emergence of Instagram stories.


Demographical Targeting:


Heard of it or not heard of it this is a thing. Think about your customers, you can't just put them all in the same box and expect them to all like your content. They will comprise of different ages, genders, fields of study, job titles, the list is endless. In this part of the workshop, we will dig deeper into what Demographical Targeting is and how you utilise it in your business.


Linkedin transfer to facebook product family:


There is no doubt about it, Linkedin is quite simply the best ever address book. It puts no one out of reach of your business. However, its daily usage is much lower than that of Facebook and Instagram. In this part of the workshop, we will look at how to transfer your LinkedIn connections into the Facebook Pixel data to feed your marketing campaign.




This business was started at the time of the roll-out of Facebook adverts. We have seen it become a multi-billion dollar a quarter business. We have learned a lot along the way and in this part of the workshop, we will share with you what success can look like if you get it right.


The death of Television advertising:


We are at a digital turning point. The smartphone has changed the world forever We consume an ever-growing volume of content on it every day. The tech revolution doesn’t stop there we now stream a lot, from Netflix to Youtube. If we are watching the TV normally, when the ad breaks come on we pick up our phone. Someone is paying to have background noise whilst you consume adverts on social media or the internet. It's a mad world out there!


There will also be the chance to network with local businesses whilst enjoying a coffee and a pastry.


To book your FREE place please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or head to our Eventbrite page to sign up.