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What’s trending on TikTok this month? - December 2023

05 December 2023

Are you in need of TikTok inspiration? You're in the perfect spot! Each month, we highlight the most popular TikToks to elevate your experience - and with it being the festive season, we’re spoilt for choice! 

See all you need to know about our favourite audios which are causing a storm on the platform this month below!

Romanticising the season

We've been spotting lots of Christmas fans sharing videos, showing off their perfectly festive moments. Whether they're making a festive-themed hot chocolate or watching their favourite Christmas film for the 5th time this year, this TikTok trend is just one of those where users romanticise the simple things (with a festive twist.) 

For brands itching to hop on this audio, the trick is to blend this trend with your own products. Show how your lineup brings out that Christmas vibe users are craving, and do it in an aesthetic way which intrigues viewers.

See one of our favourites here.

It’s timeeeeeeee

If you haven’t screamed while reading this title, you’re doing it wrong.

Thanks to the queen of Christmas herself, Mariah Carey, we’ve been blessed with an audio which is PERFECT for this season. 

For brands looking to incorporate some humour into their TikTok strategy, this audio is a great way to show off an authentic side, while helping to humanise their brand.

See the original audio here.

Arianna Christmas song

We can’t lie we’re a sucker for a Tik Tok dance, especially when it involves a Christmas song. 

It’s safe to say, that we can’t stop singing this Arianna Grande song, and the dance is just *chefs kiss*.

This trend is a great way to let go and have some fun, and depending on your services, it can be used to show off what you’re selling! If you’re a fashion or accessories brand, use this as an opportunity to show off your products.

Click here to see the dance in action.

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