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What’s Trending on TikTok This Month? - April 2024

28 March 2024

Hey TikTok enthusiasts, gather around because we're jumping into the latest and greatest trends on the platform this April. From viral dances to mind-bending challenges, TikTok always keeps us entertained with its ever-evolving content. So, grab your phone, open up the app, and get recording! 

Digital Duels:

With the catchy rhythm of "Blue Monday" by Above & Beyond as the backdrop, TikTokers are fighting their way into a fun trend that adds a digital twist to everyday situations.

It all began when TikTok user _soomin__4 shared a video featuring the trend alongside a friend. They smoothly transitioned into poses reminiscent of video game characters, syncing their movements with the pulsating beats of the music. From there, the trend took on a humorous tone, showing playful arguments between the participants. Think of a daughter teasing her dad for forgetting her friends' names or a couple debating whether to dine out or cook at home.

As the song plays on, each participant takes turns mimicking punches in time with the music, while snippets of their light-hearted disagreement flash across the screen. Typically lasting three rounds, the 'battle' concludes as the music fades away. 

Hello, Sharks:

Shark Tank, a popular reality show, features aspiring entrepreneurs pitching their groundbreaking business ideas to a panel of potential investors – you might recognise some of the show's most successful products, such as Scrub Daddy and Bombas (basically the US version of Dragons Den!) With its well-established format and iconic theme song, the show kicks off with entrepreneurs addressing the 'shark' investors with pitches starting like, "Hello Sharks, today I’m seeking [X] investment in exchange for [x%] equity…". This recognisable theme song and pitch structure have sparked a new viral trend on TikTok.

Users are getting creative on TikTok by mimicking Shark Tank pitches but with a twist! Instead of big investments, they're asking for small favours like a tasty snack. It's a fun way to poke fun at the economy, and it's gone viral! Talk about making a splash! 

This trend is super easy to jump on board with – all you need is a phone and your best sarcastic face! Keep it simple; just film yourself looking all serious and professional while you ask for something not serious or professional. Use the trending sound and record a quick 6-second clip with text overlay starting with "Hello Sharks, today I'm asking for…" then fill in whatever you're craving. Most people go for something cheap, like a snack, but others get creative, asking for ridiculous amounts to fund wild dreams. You can add a short text overlay or throw in some perks for the "investors." Take a look at this example of how it can be used in the workplace!

Saying ‘Bye’ to the Norm:

Guess who's making waves on TikTok again? None other than pop sensation Ariana Grande with her latest album, Eternal Sunshine. Packed with deeply personal tracks, it's no wonder these songs are the talk of the town on TikTok. One track in particular, 'Bye,' has sparked a major trend. Here's the kicker: due to some legal hoopla with Universal Music Group (yup, Ariana's signed with them), TikTok creators can't use the actual songs from the album. But fear not! One savvy user found a workaround by uploading a sped-up clip of the song. Sneaky, right? Now, TikTokers are using this altered version as their anthem for bidding farewell to anything and everything with a skip in their step.

Here's how to jump on this trend: grab this specific audio and find the perfect spot to bid your farewells. Some creators use it to celebrate the end of a long workday, while others use it to avoid answering awkward questions. Since the camera needs to follow your movements, you might want to ask a friend to help out with filming.

That's all folks for this month! Keep an eye on our blog page for the freshest updates, tips, and tricks on social media marketing. We've got all you need to level up your social media content. Catch you later! 👋