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What are the key marketing dates for June 2023?

02 June 2023

Thankfully it is finally looking like summer! A new month is starting which means there are lots more key marketing dates for you to put into your calendar and this month is full of them! While we will only be showcasing a few in this blog, you’ll be able to see them all by clicking here


Pride Month

Pride Month in June is a time to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community and show support for their rights and equality. It's all about embracing diversity and promoting inclusivity. 

Businesses like yours can join the celebration by incorporating LGBTQIA+-friendly messages and images in your marketing, offering special deals for LGBTQIA+ customers, and partnering with LGBTQIA+ organisations. You can also participate in Pride events, host workshops or panels to address LGBTQIA+ issues and create a safe and welcoming environment for everyone, including your employees. By getting involved, your business will show its commitment to equality, build a strong community, and attract a diverse and loyal customer base.

Hashtags to use: #PrideMonth #LoveIsLove #LGBTQIA+ #PrideCelebration #EqualityForAll

National Daylight Appreciation Day
21st June

National Daylight Appreciation Day in June is all about embracing the beauty and benefits of daylight. It's a time to appreciate the sun's natural light and the positive impact it has on our lives. 

Your business could join in the celebration by organising outdoor events, offering special deals for outdoor activities, and creating captivating social media campaigns with relevant hashtags (shown below). By getting involved, your business can enhance your brand engagement. It is also a perfect opportunity to connect with your employees, you could do team building day, a picnic, BBQ, or even just a lunchtime walk. This would certainly bring your team closer together, as well as being great culture content to put on your business's socials. 

To learn more about National Daylight Appreciation Day, click here.

 Hashtags to use: #DaylightAppreciation #EmbraceTheSun #CelebrateDaylight #SunshineVibes #SummerSolstice

World Social Media Day
30th June 

World Social Media Day is an exciting opportunity for your business to connect with your online communities and showcase your digital presence. 

To celebrate this day, your business can host interactive contests or giveaways on your social media platforms, encouraging followers to participate and share experiences. You could also create content that highlights the importance of social media in their industry or share testimonials from satisfied customers. Additionally, collaborating with influencers or partnering with other brands for cross-promotional campaigns can help expand your business's social reach and attract new followers. 

 By actively engaging in Social Media Day, businesses can utilise digital platforms to connect with their audience, cultivate brand loyalty, and foster meaningful customer relationships.

 To learn more about why we celebrate World Social Media Day, click here.

Hashtags to use: #SocialMediaDay #DigitalConnections #DigitalSociety #SocialMediaImpact #CelebrateSocialMedia

For more information on previous key marketing dates, so you’re ready for next year, head to our blog page. Or if you’re looking to boost your social media marketing strategy, visit our website today.