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WeWork: The global workplace provider using video ads.

27 August 2021

WeWork, a global workspace provider, achieved fantastic results using Facebook and Instagram Video Ads. They obtained an 88% reduction in cost per desk sold and a 10x increase in return on ad spend.

Founded in 2010, and opening their first shared workspace in New York City, WeWork has since grown into a huge global network of workspaces. They have a global footprint of over 800 locations around the world, with offices across 6 continents. 

WeWork is committed to delivering “flexible solutions, inspiring, safety-focused spaces, and unmatched community experiences”. They aim to build eco-friendly offices where all types of businesses can thrive. Whether you’re a freelancer or a Fortune 500 company, WeWork has a workspace designed with you in mind. They have reimagined the shared office space, and help everyone to feel more motivated, productive and happy while at work.

The Campaign:

WeWork’s digital marketing goal was to boost online conversions. For them to empower tomorrow's world at work, WeWork had to reach more individuals seeking office space and improve its overall quantity and quality of leads. 

Previously WeWork had tried to attract customers using photo lead ad campaigns but it wasn’t successful and the WeWork didn’t gain the desired results. Feedback included confusion surrounding the campaign and the intentions of the ad. People weren’t sure who WeWork was and the service they were offering.

This time around, WeWork was determined to create a more relatable, understandable and eye-catching ad campaign that could deliver better leads and conversions. By collaborating with Facebook Creative Shop, WeWork decided to test out its ‘create-to-convert’ pilot program.

Using this program, the team didn’t scrap existing ad assets but decided to use them more creatively. A quick motion was added to the photo ads, as well as a text overlay resulting in an engaging video ad. The team also included a direct call to action, urging audiences to ‘book a tour’ of local WeWork office spaces. A custom audience was used to exclude all current WeWork members or employees and Women and men aged 27-54 based in Los Angeles, San Fransico, New York and London were the targeted audience.

The Results:

WeWork’s project ran from the 17th June to 24th August 2017 and was a massive success. The results were ascertained using a Facebook conversion lift study and it showed:

  • 88% reduction in cost per desk sold
  • 10X increase in return on ad spend
  • 80% reduction in cost per closed lead
  • 16% increase in lead-to-tour completion ratio

Corey Brown, the Senior Brand Manager at WeWork said that before working with Facebook Creative Shop, they “struggled with poor lead quality and conversions”. That all changed once collaborating with Facebook on the project. Using “thumb-captivating short-form video ads” on Facebook and Instagram, WeWork were able to target appropriate audiences and their ads helped people appreciate the amazing workspaces they had on offer.

This blog was originally published by Facebook for Business. If you found this interesting and want to discover more social success stories, then check out more blogs just like this here.