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Top Tips On How To Make The Best Instagram Reels

09 September 2022

One of the most recent Instagram features, Reels, regularly has new trends emerging, many of which leave you feeling like you need a professional video and editing team to be successful. However, this is not the case! This blog will explain how you can make the best Instagram Reels yourself, helping you get the most engagement. 

  1. User-Generated Content

Sharing some of your user’s content, not only shows your brand in a more authentic way but also shows appreciation to your followers. Always make sure to ask for permission first, and correctly credit whoever made it. Although creating your own original videos is better, user-generated content can also benefit your Reels and Instagram engagement.

  1. Make text the main focus

Simple, but effective, using text as the focus of your reels breaks up your followers’ feeds from all videos and makes yours stand out. There are plenty of apps that allow you to add motion to text easily. Why not try one out?

  1. Collaborate

If Reels really aren’t your thing, you could partner with content creators and allow them to create reels for you. Although this will cost you, it will give your Instagram more engagement, something you can never have too much of.

  1. Create memes

Memes, the social media classic where you can’t go far wrong. This can just be a standard video or even something more creative like a GIF. Pair the meme with some catchy or trending music and your Reel will be viral in no time!

  1. Photos with audio

Sounds simple, but this is not boring. If photos are in time with a good piece of music, static photos can do just as well as videos. This type of Reel works well if you want to show off an event or a weekend. Next time why not post your photos as a Reel rather than on your feed?

  1. Quote graphics

Something a little bit different. Is your Instagram explore page full of pictures and graphics of quotes? Have you ever thought about making these quotes into a video? Apps like InShot allow you to turn these images into videos, simply add some music and you’ve got a trending Reel.

  1. Use Tweets

Using another social media platform on Instagram? Yes! Tweets are actually doing surprisingly well on Instagram, meaning that you must give it a try. Simply use Instagram to layer your chosen Tweet over a video and you’ve got a new Reel to post!

We hope these 7 tips will allow you to get creative and make some impressive Instagram reels on just your phone. For more blogs like this about social media, click here to head over to Gather Social’s blog page.