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TikTok showcases Black creatives to mark Black History Month

06 October 2021

October marks Black History Month in the UK. An important time to share, celebrate and understand the impact of Black heritage and culture. To celebrate Black History Month, the video-sharing platform to recently hit 1 billion monthly active users, Tiktok, has launched an in-app and out-of-home brand campaign spotlighting several Black creators. 

The campaign named #ThisIsBlack will include a series of panels and educational content covering food, comedy and music! Among the amazing line-up are Black TikTok creators, DJ and filmmaker @djkrystallake, famous food vlogger @thegrubworkskitchen and activist and Black historian @kaynekawasaki. 

Two hundred out-of-home TikTok adverts have been placed at billboard locations across the whole of the UK, specifically in London, Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Nottingham and Sheffield. Online adverts will also feature on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.

Education is an important part of the campaign. The platform is hosting a TikTok Unpacks Live panel aiming to teach users about microaggressions and racism, featuring LGBT+ activist and TikTok creator @Benjy_Lookbook and diversity and inclusion campaigner @Bellewoghirenn.

Priscilla Baffour, Head of Diversity and Inclusion at TikTok has said she’s “proud to be a part of a team that is honouring Black people and culture in the UK.”

She says: “We’re incredibly proud all year round of the diverse community we have fostered on TikTok. It was important for us to mark Black History Month by celebrating our Black community and putting their stories and experiences front and centre. Through the #ThisIsBlack campaign we will be doing just that.”

Fashion creator, Violet Ezedimora, spoke about Black History Month being celebrated on TikTok. She says it’s “a time for people to come together to celebrate black communities and black heritage, which is oftentimes ignored. It is important to preserve our culture especially as Africans in the Diaspora. Love and support will always uplift each other.

Ezedimora found her voice on TikTok. She says “we are not just celebrated, we are highly supported”. However, Ezedimora believes as do many others that there is always room to do more.

UK British History creator Kayne Kawasaki, @kaynekawasaki, who was involved in TikTok’s 2020 Black History Month campaign, said the platform is more than just a place for Gen Z and viral TikTok dances. TikTok audiences are actually intrigued about UK Black History and Cultural Commentary. 

This month, keep an eye out for TikTok showcasing Black creatives to mark Black History Month! Want to read another blog? Head to our website to find more.