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The Social Media Marketing Statistics Important in 2021

10 December 2021

Before taking your business to social media, it’s worth knowing the statistics of each platform to allow you to fully develop your marketing strategies, and utilise each social platform to its fullest potential. 

Last year was a significant year in social media, as the pandemic isolated people physically, we relied on connecting and communicating through social media. People spent more time online and channels like TikTok and Zoom exploded to the top of the app charts. Social media demographic statistics changed, the best times to post were altered and people were posting more genuine honest content, as they had nothing to post but the current lockdown situation.

Here is a guide for businesses with a collection of all the social media marketing statistics that are important in 2021. These statistics have been taken from SproutSocial and SmallBizTrends

General Social Media Statistics
  1. Over 3.6 billion people across the world use social media and this is predicted to increase to 4.4 billion by 2025.
  2. Ranking by the number of active users, the top platforms are Facebook, Youtube, and Whatsapp.
  3. On average, people spend 144 minutes on social media a day.
  4. 77.6% of businesses reported using social media in marketing, with Facebook being the most used.
  5. 1 in 3 Internet users admits to going on social media to look for brand or product information.
Facebook Statistics
  1. Facebook still reigns as the most used platform, with over 2.7 billion active users monthly.
  2. Pictures are responsible for 75 to 90% of a Facebook ad performance.
  3. On Facebook, a 4-word title and a 15-word description for ads are the most effective lengths to achieve engagement.
  4. 32% of influencers say that Facebook is better than Instagram for influencer marketing.
  5. The most popular content type for brands is links, at 44.2% of all posts.
Instagram Statistics
  1. 500 million of Instagram’s 1 billion active users use Instagram Stories.
  2. Women aged 18-24 years make up the largest proportion of users on the app.
  3. Half of the active users on Instagram follow a business.
  4. 75% of users take action after seeing a post, ie. shopping, sharing with a friend or visiting a website.
  5. Instagram has 58x more engagement per follower than Facebook.
LinkedIn Statistics
  1. LinkedIn has over 722 million active users globally.
  2. 96% of B2B marketers use the app for content distribution.
  3. Posts with 2000 words perform best on LinkedIn in regards to views and interaction.
  4. Posts that conclude with a question attain 50% more engagement.
  5. Posts with a link receive 200% more engagement than without.
Twitter Statistics
  1. In 2019, there were over 330 million active monthly users on Twitter.
  2. 81% of Twitter users say the app impacts their purchasing decisions more than television.
  3. Paid promotion tweets boost sales by 29%.
  4. 70% of small business followers retweet content.
  5. 72% of brand followers buy in the future.
Pinterest Statistics
  1. In 2020, the monthly active user count grew to 442 million.
  2. Women make up more than 60% of the demographic on Pinterest. 
  3. 89% of users use Pinterest for purchase inspiration.
  4. A massive 98% said they have tried something new because they saw it on Pinterest.
  5. 5% of users make a Pinterest purchase every month.

As the active users on social media channels increase, businesses need to know how to utilise them to their advantage, by developing appropriate marketing strategies and setting realistic goals. These statistics act as a benchmark but it’s beneficial to do your research to find specific data for your business.

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