Social Success: Finance Company deliver a 42% increase in leads through WhatsApp

09 August 2021

Turkish finance company, Multinet, ran an ad campaign that used WhatsApp to encourage businesses to sign up for their services. Read more to find out how they achieved a 42% increase in qualified leads compared to their use of other channels. 

Multi-faceted finance company

Multinet, first founded in 1999, has grown to become one of the leading fintech groups in Turkey. With over 200,000 institutions using their services, they offer prepaid cards and online payment systems for meals, restaurants, hotels, outlets, and petrol stations. Multinet also offers management services for small and medium-sized businesses expenses. 

After already using Messenger to successfully gain leads, the company wanted to try using WhatsApp due to its increased popularity in Turkey. By using WhatsApp, Multinet was hoping to offer a much more improved and personalised customer service practice.

Sending the right message with WhatsApp

Introducing WhatsApp as their new customer communication channel, Multinet were able to provide great customer service whilst also managing to gain high-value leads. The fintech company approached businesses that wanted to provide meal cards to their employees. They then worked with customer engagement expert, Infobip, to launch their Facebook ads that clicked straight through to a WhatsApp conversation.

Every time an ad was clicked, an automated WhatsApp chat would then trigger. This would then give potential customers more information about Miltinet and its services. Additionally, as part of an eligibility requirement, the automated WhatsApp chat would ask a series of questions. Multinet also managed to train a customer service agent who was then always on hand to take over, should the automation face any issues. To showcase the new communication channel, they were sure to feature WhatsApp throughout their website, contact page and even their Facebook Page.

Positive results: Delivered

After launching this different campaign in December 2020, Multinet saw that 7% of their WhatsApp leads converted into sales, 42% more qualified leads were earned on the platform and they saw an increase of 25% in conversations started, all in just two weeks. On top of this, 18% of potential customers who started a conversation on WhatsApp also opted to receive follow-up communication from the Multinet sales team. 

Multinet’s use of WhatsApp shows that you don’t have to stick to what every other business is doing in order to make a change in your business. If you’d like to find out more social media news, head over to our blog

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