Mobile Trend drove a 47% increase in app installs

07 May 2021

Mobile Trend is a German mobile entertainment service provider, founded in 2010 by Christoph Matthiesen and Jannis Kiesow. The company develops mobile entertainment content, apps, and mobile payment solutions.

The Objective

It wanted to increase the app installs for Yoomee, a dating app in which you do not have to be matched to a person to message them. The app uses algorithms to learn your type, despite getting replies or not, and tailors the app experience and matches. Mobile Trend wanted to also encourage people to make in-app purchases once downloaded and was eager to assess the impact of investing in Facebook ads.

The Solution

The campaign consisted of emotive video ads that were targeted at relevant single men living in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the UK, Ireland and Australia. The ads and carousels encouraged the single men to download the app and create an account. Mobile Trend chose automatic placements, which enabled the ads to be displayed to the target audience where they were most likely to be captivated by the ad and thus respond to its call to action.

Mobile Trend used a Facebook conversion lift study, allowing them to understand the value of Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network ads to measure the impact the ads had on the app installs and in-app purchases figure. To get the most accurate view of the impact, the company reduced its ad spend budget on the other social platforms during the weeklong campaign and then used the difference to increase its Facebook ad budget. This made it clearer to Mobile Trend, how the use of Facebook ads had achieved an increase in app installs.

The Results

The conversion lift study gave Mobile Trend more than 40,000 incremental conversions to measure from showing video ads and carousels to people across Facebook, as well as:

  • 47% increase in app installs as a result of people seeing Facebook ads on Apple
  • 3.1x return on ad spend on Apple
  • 12.5% increase in app installs as a result of people seeing Facebook ads on Android 
  • 1.5x return on ad spend on Android 

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