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LolaFlora efficiently acquiring customers using Facebook

26 June 2021

LolaFlora is a global florist and gift company and they reduced incremental customer acquisition costs in Mexico by 83% after using Facebook cross-channel conversion optimisation tool.

The international flower and gift delivery company also operates under LolaFlora B.V. in several countries and as Ciceksepeti in Turkey, its home market. The team of qualified florists offer a wide selection of flowers and gifts at reasonable prices. The business’ inventory of roses, daisies, lilies, gerberas, carnations, orchids and other exotic flowers allow customers to buy flowers for every occasion. 

LolaFlora is a relatively new business in the Mexican market and aimed to acquire new customers as efficiently as possible by unifying campaigns across its app and website. Şafak Aktaş, the Digital Growth Specialist at LolaFlora/Ciceksepeti commented on Facebook’s new cross-channel conversion optimisation feature and noted that it helped them to “unify our cross-platform data when optimising our user acquisition campaigns.” Aktaş also said the campaign improved LolaFloras’s “returns significantly and also helped us to save time”.

One campaign for web and app

LolaFlora customers are able to make flower purchases through its app and its website. The business had previously been running one campaign for each channel, optimising each campaign with data from each source. 

To take advantage of data from both channels, LolaFlora decided to test Facebook’s cross-channel conversion optimisation tool, which allows advertisers to customise for both web and app conversions in a single campaign. It also aims to reduce the new customer acquisition costs by capturing both web and app conversions and having the budget flow between both campaigns. Using this tool also resulted in lower operational overhead because LolaFlora only had to optimise a single campaign, which helped significantly improve returns.

Using eye-catching videos and images, LolaFlora introduced its product categories and special offers for different occasions. When customers clicked on the ads, they arrived in the company’s app, or on its website, where they could see and discover new products.

The Results

LolaFlora’s campaign helped decrease acquisition costs significantly, while also reducing the need for manual management. A Facebook conversion lift study showed that the 2020 campaign achieved a 15% lift in sales conversions when using cross-channel conversion optimisation and an 83% decrease in cost per incremental sales conversion.

Çağrı Cebe, the Chief Marketing Officer at LolaFlora/Ciceksepeti, noted that since working with Facebook and their cross-channel conversion optimisation feature, LolaFlora is “more informed” when making marketing decisions and are able to achieve better results”.

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