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Joom’ing into video ads

17 May 2021

This blog explores how the eCommerce store, Joom, used Facebook video ads to increase sales and expand brand awareness.

Through the use of video ads, Joom was able to drive brand awareness, whilst sustaining their already successful direct response campaign, during one of the biggest shopping days of the year, Black Friday. The addition of video ads to their campaign saw a 3.8% increase in incremental brand awareness with video, plus a 3.7% increase in incremental campaign awareness with video. On top of these results, Facebook video ads also increased their ad recall by 2.3%. 

About the brand

Based in Latvia and founded in 2016, Joom is currently the fastest-growing shopping application in Europe, with over 250,000,000 users across all its platforms. The mobile marketplace now offers over 10 million products from technology to fashion.

Building brand awareness through video

During the Black Friday period, arguably one of the busiest periods for eCommerce brands, Joom sought to grow the business and build upon its brand awareness in seven significant countries: Germany, UK, France, Israel, Spain, Russia and Poland. Their idea to achieve this was to test whether adding a video ad campaign on top of its direct response campaign could achieve an increase in sales and higher brand awareness. Joom then repurposed an existing 30-second TV advertisement, using Facebook Marketing Partner Insense and Facebook Creative Shop, and adapted these into four videos for mobile devices. ‘Catch some hot deals’, was just one of the phrases they used to draw consumers to click through, as well as showing a shopping cart catching the deals. 

To see how video affected their direct response campaigns, they chose to run a Facebook Conversion lift study. This allows businesses to track conversions, sales etc., to learn the significance of their Facebook ads and how they function independently. Joom discovered that their customer acquisition costs did not increase with the addition of video.

Alongside their Conversion lift study, the brand also ran a Facebook brand lift study to understand key information such as ad recall and their campaign awareness. A brand lift study surveys a randomised control group who were shown the campaigns without video ads and also people who saw the ads with video.

Video ads for the win

Using both the Conversion lift study and the Brand lift study demonstrated that the use of video ads within their campaign created higher ad recall levels. Due to this, Joom concluded that video ads were, in fact, effective at increasing brand awareness. Joom’s final results showed that video ads helped to increase incremental brand awareness by 3.8%, incremental campaign awareness by 3.7% and ad recall by 2.3% during the Black Friday period. All of which was created and measured using three vital tools: video ads - used to capture the audience, measuring metrics - ability to use the data to influence future decisions and Facebook marketing partners - insight from experts.


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This blog was originally published by Facebook Business