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IDI Insurance: the campaign moving customers to purchase

24 May 2021

IDI Insurance is an Israeli-based provider of direct insurance services. Through a multi-phase advertisement campaign via Facebook, they were able to obtain more than double their usual number of car insurance quotes.

Founded 25 years ago, IDI insurance offers a wide range of insurance services, including car, mortgage, apartment, health and more. Their main idea was to provide insurance directly, without the need for brokers or agents. In 2007, IDI was responsible for integrating the insurance industry with the digital world, being the first company in Israel to sell insurance via the internet. They are always one step ahead of everyone and strive to find innovative and effective solutions in the insurance world.

How it all went down:

IDI Insurance’s focus was to use Facebook to find an audience made up of existing or likely customers and then expand to reach those potential clients who aren’t right now but may soon be in the market for car insurance. 

In 2019, with the help of performance agency K Logic and creative agency BBR Saatchi & Saatchi, IDI Insurance successfully created a “full-funnel” Facebook campaign. A marketing approach that begins by casting a wide net and eventually narrowing down, targeting an audience of customers more likely to make a purchase.

To help achieve results, IDI Insurance modified its messaging from an immediate call to action to giving people an actual reason to buy car insurance from them. This approach paired with several new campaign objectives (such as traffic, video views, reach and frequency) meant IDI could communicate a more complex message to a broader audience.

The final results:

Yossi Erdman, Head of Digital and User Acquisition at IDI described the campaign as a “gamechanger”.  

IDI insurance was able to see a 2.3 times increase in car insurance quote requests via Facebook; more than double what they were used to. Furthermore, there was a 25% decrease in cost per acquisition of quote requests from Facebook too, with a 5% decrease in overall cost acquisition.

Erdman declared the team at IDI was “sceptical” of the campaign type at first, however, after the results he changed his mind and whole approach to customer acquisition across digital channels, including Facebook.

“We were delighted to see a significant increase in demand and in our ability to scale our acquisition on Facebook while maintaining cost targets.” Yossi Erdman, Head of Digital and User Acquisition, IDI Insurance.

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