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How Breitling used Facebook ads to reach 35.2 million people

30 April 2021

Read how luxury Swiss watchmaker Breitling used Facebook video ads in their campaign featuring some of the biggest names in Hollywood, to reach 35.2 million viewers.

In their Facebook ads campaign debut, they were able to drive brand awareness for the launch of their latest watch by featuring famous faces such as Brad Pitt, Adam Driver and Charlize Theron. The campaign achieved a 25-point increase in ad recall in Germany, as well as a 22 point increase in ad recall in the UK. They reached 35.2 million people with the campaign which led to a 6.6 point increase in favourability in the US.

Who is Breitling?

Breitling, founded in 1884 by Leon Breitling, is a luxury watch brand based in Grenchen, Switzerland. They have established a reputation as being one of the world-leading watchmakers, earning a reputation for their high quality, long-wearing pieces.

The Campaign

Breitling wanted to raise brand awareness and generate interest for its new Navitimer 8 watch. Due to the luxury nature of the brand, they brought together an all-star cast for the #squadonamission campaign.

The famous faces take Breitling fans behind the scenes of their missions in a series of specially shot images and videos. The videos worked perfectly for traditional channels, but not so much for Facebook and Instagram.

Breitling worked with Facebook Creative Shop to turn the videos made for traditional media such as TV or YouTube into short, engaging Facebook and Instagram ads. These were optimised for sound-off viewing. They used video, Instant Experience, Instagram Stories, photo ads, dynamic ads and ads in collection and carousel formats. This was to ensure they were connecting with a wide range of people and reaching the maximum amount of people that they could, taking consumers on a brand awareness journey. 

They clearly did something right, as they achieved:

-A 25-point increase in ad recall in Germany

-A 22 point increase in ad recall in the UK 

-35.2 million people reached

-A 6.6 point increase in favourability in the US


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This blog was taken from Facebook Business.