The flight to social success with Adria Airways

24 January 2019

The flight to social success

Slovenian Airline company Adria Airways has been offering flight services for 50 years with connections to numerous European cities and flights to 190 countries. Adria’s aim was to increase traffic to its website, prompt more flight searches and drive online sales and brand awareness within Slovenia. By showcasing scenes and images of Slovenia using social media advertisements, Adria aimed to target 4 different segments including nature lovers, shopaholics, wellness and spa enthusiasts and city break explorers. Using precise targeting tools Adria ensured that its ads were displayed where the relevant audience could see them. As a result of Adria's targeted marketing, the company managed to drastically increase its revenue by 52% in 6 months compared to the same period in the previous year, there was a 1.9X increase in website traffic in 4 months and a 14.7% conversion rate for flight searches via Facebook remarketing.

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