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5 Inspiring Facebook Marketing Success Stories

26 November 2021

Are you ever curious about what other businesses and brands are doing to achieve success with Facebook marketing? Then keep reading. 

This blog will discuss how five different businesses have used Facebook to achieve their success, and these tactics will work for any business, whether that be large or small, B2C or B2B. 

1. Cheese & Burger Society

The Cheese & Burger Society is sponsored by the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board. This sponsorship and page is an inventive way to market Wisconsin cheese by talking about something many American’s love; burgers and barbeques. 

One practice introduced here is fan gating, which is where visitors have to become a fan of your page to gain access to the content and discounts. To increase engagement, Cheese & Burger Society created a Send to a Friend app, which allowed fans to send a cheeseburger to their friends; a fun and easy way to promote viral visibility.

2. IdeaPaint

IdeaPaint is a B2B company that specialises in selling paint that can convert walls into a dry-erase writing and drawing surface, eliminating the need for whiteboards and scaling up the physical creative space. In keeping with the creativity of the brand, IdeaPaint makes innovative use of its welcome tab by creating hot spots with links to its social platforms, which promotes interaction. The user will also find a link to a coupon for the site. 

The key to building long-term customer relationships and loyalty is to give your customers a good first experience with your service or product. IdeaPaint also posts detailed videos on its Facebook, on how to use its product. They have opted for the use of the Send button in addition to the Like button, to allow people to send the link directly to their friends, to increase reach.

3. American Express Open Forum


American Express has created a forum specifically for small business leaders and owners, and through a partnership with Facebook, they have created a contest for these small businesses, which has generated a mass of interest and increased their fan base. The prize for this competition is $20,000, and if there’s anything to take away from this, it’s that the prize needs to be of interest to people so they want to enter, share and interact with the contest.

The key to creating engagement on your Facebook wall is to use variety in your posts. Amex uses quotes, articles, and questions to engage their fans, but it’s also crucial to use shorter posts too. According to Buddy Media, posts with 80 characters or fewer get 27% better engagement than longer posts. 

American Express also integrates their rewards program so people can redeem points for Facebook ads. This type of rewards incentive might start you thinking about partnership opportunities you hadn’t considered before.


PETCO is a national pet store, who have managed to integrate their store into Facebook, which allows greater social engagement for the brand. It allows fans to tell their friends which products they like as they shop.

Every business wants fan engagement, but few tell their audience the rule of engagement. PETCO manages to do it in a direct, friendly manner, by showing the benefits of becoming a fan; access to news, coupons, and Facebook contests.

5. Red Bull

Red Bull is a famous energy drink that has built a very strong reputation and fan base, and has used Facebook to its full potential. They have a strong but fun call to action visible as soon as you first visit their page. If the power of suggestion wasn’t enough, they also have a subtle hint of grayed-out videos of what’s waiting for you when you become a fan. The more you can get fans returning to your page, the more likely they’ll tell their friends and spread the word, eventually becoming a paying customer. 

Red Bull has developed a series of games for this very reason. You might not have the budget to hire game developers for your business, but this might inspire you to think about how it would be best suited to keep fans returning to your page. Depending on your brand and values, it might be best suited to find ways to meet fans in person, the Events tab can be a powerful way to let your fans know where you are, and Red Bull makes great use of this.

If you’re not using Facebook’s marketing power to its fullest potential, don’t worry, you’re not alone. If you need any help or advice with your Facebook marketing and ads, contact us today to find out how we can help. If you would like to read more blogs, click here.