3 tips on improving direct response adverts on Instagram

12 February 2021

Direct response advertising is different from adverts that raise brand awareness, direct response adverts make the audience take action after seeing the advert you created. These actions include things such as visiting or shopping on your website and viewing a video or downloading an app. On Instagram, there are some creative ways to help build your direct adverts stand out from the crowd. These three tips will help guide you as you experiment and optimise your campaigns. 

Stop their scrolling

Ensure people stop as they scroll through their feed, by creating a single focal point in your adverts. When creating content keep it simple and focused, using one subject images will allow consumers to feel as if your business is approachable and accessible. If you want your creative to include more than one image, try using video or the carousel option to make the consumer stop and view the images. Along with this make sure you have visual consistency recognisable. 

Top Tip: Remember when creating content for Instagram, that the content is for mobile use. So make sure to view your content on a mobile device before setting it live. 

Connect when they look 

Try and connect with people when they look at your advert, by incorporating brand elements. This is due to the fact that branding is an important part of how people remember your advert after they viewed it. Instead of always using your logo within your images, try to include elements of your brand; for example things like the front of your shop, packaging and products. 

When putting together the copy for your adverts, keep it short and simple. The copy should communicate what you want the consumer to take away from the post. 

Top Tip: Try writing copy and rewrite the copy again in fewer words to get the point across clearer and faster. 

Inspire action 

Make sure you’re inspiring people to act on your advert by explaining what they will get out of it, tell consumers what they need to know, who the advertiser is and how they can learn more or purchase this product. Make sure you’re adding a relevant call to action in your copy, directing your consumers in the right directions. 

Along with this promoting relevant products to consumers who browse on your website or app,. Simply upload all your products and dynamic adverts on Instagram will automatically show the right products to the right people at the right time. 

These three tips will help you to create an increase in direct response to your advertisements. Just remember the key to creative success across Instagram is to have content that is well branded, content-driven and well put together. When you create your next direct response campaign, see how the adverts perform, make sure you experiment, test and learn is a key to long-term success. 

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