“We were set to launch Gather Social a number of years ago, but the market wasn’t ready. And we’ve been way ahead of the game ever since.”

Founded in 2015 by sales and marketing expert Sam Evans and technology and software development specialist Paul Gordon, Gather Social is a full stack digital marketing agency based in Nottingham.

Fuelled by a combination of traditional sales and marketing with advanced technology and development knowledge, we’re dedicated to getting our clients at the forefront of their customers’ minds, consistently, creatively and conveniently.

We cut through the fluff and get you connected to the people that genuinely want and need your product or service.



    Sam holds a decade’s worth of Sales & Marketing experience in global high-end businesses such as 3M, Progressive Media Group, Liberty Racing, Trent Bridge and Eon.

    Key life and business achievements include:

    – Won a full scholarship to complete Masters in Communications at the University of Western Australia, funded by the Rotary Organisation.

    – Managed product roll-out for a global corporation to 1/3 of the UK.

    – Travelled Europe working on Brand, Marketing & Hospitality for World Superbike and Motor GP team.

    – Managed highest revenue sales team and spent an all-expense paid 3 days on the back of a yacht in Cannes.

    – Scored the winning goal for Mansfield Town FC – (a very big game!).

  • sam

    Paul has over 13 years technology and development experience spread across corporate, blue chip, start-up and non-profit sectors (and is renowned for his awesome vinyl collection, too.)

    Key life and business achievements include:

    – Set up an internal system for use by 13,000 of O2’s staff members.

    – Launched a national marketing campaign and website for RSPB.

    – Built a bespoke internal software system for Gather Social.

    – Developed the skills that built his successful career in technology and software development.

    – Was both a DJ and a Badminton champion in a former life!

  • paul
  • Sophie French
    Creative Content Writer

    A whizz with words and a passion for bringing your brand message to life, Sophie’s business highlights include:

    – Senior Copywriter for Dunelm’s debut catalogue and six subsequent editions.

    – Blog & Content Curator for Australia’s 9th fastest growing company.

    – PR & Social Media Manager for Dunelm Ltd.

    – Speaker on ‘Goal Setting & Getting’ & ‘Storytelling in Business’ for a global corporation.

    – Launched and managed social media accounts and campaigns for top health & wellness advocates worldwide.

  • sophie


Nottingham is a thriving hub for businesses of all stages and levels of development, and is bursting with creative talent too. We’re dedicated to expanding this reputation of Nottingham, through growing our own business and people, as well as that of our clients.

From connecting with creators and innovators alike, to creating job opportunities for passionate creatives, our mission is to play a big part in putting our hometown of Nottingham on the business map.