Manage your social media campaigns in one place

Gather is a simple and efficient way to post scheduled marketing, sales and branding content to all your social media profiles

Gather is a unique software platform that transforms the way businesses interact with users on social media networks. The Gather platform allows content to be stored, edited and curated like no other system, ready to be distributed in an organic way that no human could match.

What we do

The Gather platform represents the core of what we do best – organising and distributing content in the most effective way possible. Our cutting edge system allows all your content to be stored in a single place and configure campaigns ready to be sent over to your social media profiles connected to Buffer.


Our platform makes it simple to create and organise your marketing content into ongoing campaigns, with an interface both familiar and accessible.


By connecting your company’s social media accounts, the Gather platform can constantly and consistently push your on-brand marketing message to existing and potential clients.


With a marketing strategy running silently all day every day, you can concentrate on the core aspects of your business – building new relationships and nurturing existing connections.

Who we help

Our clients come from a wide range of industries and sectors, but one thing connects them: the need to have their social media accounts not only reflecting who they are as a business, but to also actively follow new leads and ventures even when the office doors have closed for the day.

  • Structured Marketing Campaigns

    Create unlimited campaigns to run parallel with each other. Produce branded content, calls to action, sales content and more. Keep your social media profiles full of marketing content all day, every day.

  • RSS Feeds

    Finding relevant engaging content can be a full time job. Gather lets you connect RSS feeds from blogs and industry sources to provide you with instant content to share on a daily basis. Remove bad words, add hashtags within text and much more.

  • Influencer Retweeting

    Sharing the best content from industry leaders increase your market presence – add accounts that you want to retweet and engage with on a regular basis.

  • Central Content Hub

    The Gather platform manages all of your content in one place. It’s easy to add in new content and delete items that are outdated. You’re in full control of unlimited accounts all in one place.

  • Clustr

    Find Twitter users that will really make a difference to your business and incorporate them into your ongoing marketing. Send them welcome messages to new follower, rekindle old relationships and find highly targeted groups of users to market to.

What’s in the box?

The Gather platform is more than just a means of content distribution – it is a full suite of tools to effectively manage all of your outbound marketing campaigns on social media.

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