Social Media Manager Marketing Platform

Proving your worth in the fast-paced environment can leave you feeling undervalued.

A challenging role for the most organised person. Finding and sharing relevant engaging content from reliable sources. Meeting post and engagement KPI, whilst trying to influence lead generation and sales. Gather removes the laborious and most time-consuming aspect of your role. Whilst you focus on analytics, generating content and implementing your strategy, Gather will do the rest. Share and engage with influencers and their content. Manage and distribute your content across all platforms at your required frequency. Allow you to update the entire company’s business-related profiles. Turning your role into a high performing and celebrated one.

  • Never schedule a post again

  • Free up your time to focus on creativity

  • Content management and scheduling tool in one

  • Increase your frequency of posting

  • Bring the content you want to you and be ready to share instantly

  • Manage hundreds of profiles

Who we are

Gather designs and builds unique software platforms that transforms the way businesses interact with users on social media networks.

The Gather Platform allows companies to easily manage and distribute marketing and promotional content to thousands of potential customers constantly and consistently.

The Gather platform is an off the shelf product which we have successfully integrated into very complex businesses. Get in touch to discuss our integration and consultation services.

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