Recruitment Content Marketing Platform

A crisp clean approach to social media marketing is a no-brainer for recruitment consultancies.

Using an automation process we are able to position recruitment consultancies live vacancies in front of candidates and clients 24/365. We have instances where the volume of traffic generated from social media is responsible for in excess 80% of web traffic. We make the process of putting relevant vacancies in front of relevant candidates look simple.

  • Automate live vacancies on your website into job postings on all social media platforms including all consultants profiles.

  • Share the latest industry / sector news as it happens

  • Distribute marketing, branding and CV submission campaigns across all social media platforms including all consultants profiles.

  • Increase website traffic from qualified candidates familiar with the consultants.

  • Drive qualified traffic from potential clients

  • Long term reduction of job board spend

Who we are

Gather designs and builds unique software platforms that transforms the way businesses interact with users on social media networks.

The Gather Platform allows companies to easily manage and distribute marketing and promotional content to thousands of potential customers constantly and consistently.

The Gather platform is an off the shelf product which we have successfully integrated into very complex businesses. Get in touch to discuss our integration and consultation services.

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