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You’re a successful agency with a great team delivering a great return to your clients.

You are being asked to manage more and more clients social media profiles. This doesn’t fit your business model and you’re struggling to make a solid ROI from social media management. Gather will let you increase your offering without increasing your headcount. As an agency, we were able to manage 20 clients per person using Gather. The scalability offered to us per person made social media management profitable as opposed to breaking even. It gave us the data to make analytical backed decisions for our clients content strategy.

  • Never schedule a post again

  • Free up your time to focus on creativity, community engagement and management

  • Content management and scheduling tool in one

  • Increase your frequency of posting

  • Bring the content you want to you and be ready to share instantly

  • Save time, improve client ROI and bring scalability to your business model

Who we are

Gather designs and builds unique software platforms that transforms the way businesses interact with users on social media networks.

The Gather Platform allows companies to easily manage and distribute marketing and promotional content to thousands of potential customers constantly and consistently.

The Gather platform is an off the shelf product which we have successfully integrated into very complex businesses. Get in touch to discuss our integration and consultation services.

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