Corporate Content Marketing Platform

Companies with lots of employees have a massive social media reach.

Take a company with 100 employees all with 500 connections on Linkedin. That’s a potential audience of 50,000 people, who are most likely to be a customer or potential customers. Gather lets your marketing team distributed pre-approved content across the Linkedin accounts of all employees. It keeps all other social media channels updated with one person taking control of what the company says about itself. Imagine the next time you have a promotion share it with the world using Gather and drive brand awareness and sales from your current connections.

  • Never schedule a post again

  • Schedule marketing content and corporate communications across all business profiles

  • Content management and scheduling tool in one

  • Increase your frequency of posting

  • Bring the content you want to you and be ready to share instantly

  • Work as a company to educate you market place

Who we are

Gather designs and builds unique software platforms that transforms the way businesses interact with users on social media networks.

The Gather Platform allows companies to easily manage and distribute marketing and promotional content to thousands of potential customers constantly and consistently.

The Gather platform is an off the shelf product which we have successfully integrated into very complex businesses. Get in touch to discuss our integration and consultation services.

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