Is Your Stale Social Media Account Damaging Your Business?

Lots of people have a preconception that social media for their business is going to be exactly the same and just as easy as tweeting to their friends. They use social media to interact with the world everyday and get a few likes after all, so how hard can it be for business, and is it damaging?

Ah. There lies a problem.

Many companies start various social media platform accounts so they can be seen to be relevant and believe that it’s good that they’re ‘on Facebook’ at least. But sadly, without any background knowledge, any strategy behind posts, images and content, or any high-level of commitment, seriousness and consistency of content delivery – those accounts are unfortunately a complete waste of time.

In our modern digital focused world, it would actually be better to not be on social media at all, than to be seen doing a half-hearted job. What impression does half-hearted and inconsistent give of your business, after all?

It’s not enough to be simply ‘seen’ online these days. What matters is being seen to be active, engaging and providers of excellent industry relevant content, consistently.

Here at Gather Social, we’re all about driving interaction and pushing your value, while encouraging discussions, opinions and engagement with your brand. And ultimately, our key focus, is to drive sales for your business. (Something a lot of Marketeers actually tend to forget is the whole point of Marketing…)

Sorry, did we say that out loud?? –
We cut out the fluff, and ensure your ideal customers are directed to your services consistently.

And then there’s the volume of content you’re putting out there, and, well, that’s really another story…

Without diving right down into the nitty gritty, the way Facebook’s algorithm works is by having your post reach a very small percentage of your audience (organically, that is, without paying for it.) So, for example, if you have 100 likes on your Facebook page, it’s likely that the amount of people seeing one of your posts is between 2-5.

So no, one post a week when you feel like it isn’t enough. And one post a day certainly isn’t even going to cut it if you want to make an impact and get your online media presence working for your business and driving sales.

Luckily for you and your business, our bespoke content delivery system means we can deliver lots of content, to lots of your people, to make sure you are being seen, heard, liked, and everything in between.

Want to know more about what we can do for you, how you can share your services online with a huge reach, and use social media to drive sales to your business? Let’s have a conversation.

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