How A Small Business Made A Big Splash With Facebook Ads

After a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, the DYLN Living Water Bottle, designed with a built-in filter to create alkaline drinking water on the go, turned to Facebook ads to increase awareness of their product and generate pre-order sales.

With existing data about DYLN’s target market sourced from the Kickstarter campaign, Facebook’s targeting tool was used to reach the most relevant and ready to buy audiences for the water bottle.

Using vibrant and attention-catching images, that featured the ‘Funded with Kickstarter’ badge to ride the buzz that already existed from the crowdfunding campaign’s success, the ad was released to its target captive audience. Facebook pixels were installed on the company’s shopping cart so the exact value of every sale could be monitored and reviewed.

“Targeting an ideal audience in this way means a business knows the people who are seeing your ad actually want to be seeing it, have an interest in what you’re selling and are potential buyers. This, compared to placing an advert in a magazine for example, where only 10% of your prospective clients might see your product, shows the value and cost-effectiveness of transferring your marketing spend from traditional media to Facebook ads.”

The Results

The Facebook ad campaign helped the company sell out its first round of production.

Highlights of the campaign include:

5x return on ad spend
5% conversion rate
You can read the full DYLN results and story at