Your businesses social media profiles aren’t an extension of your own

There’s so much noise on the internet about being social and engaging with your audience if you are a business on social media. Some social media consultants have made a decent living telling people to get social if they want to get sales from social media.

However, the biggest mistake to make when posting as a business is to post as you yourself. It’s easy to get engagement from a picture when it’s something you would post to your own accounts, but it’s far more difficult to generate engagement by posting content which is directly related to the products and services you are trying to market.

Consumers aren’t stupid. When they see a post and interact with it, they are expecting to be interacting with the business and not a person. Engagement with social content can be completely skewed if the person posting the content’s friends like the page and they are engaging with it.

As a business, if you want to increase sales from social media, what you really need is people who are potential customers engaging with content that is specific to the products or services which you sell. This engagement which might simply be a transfer to your website is generating you qualified sales traffic from people with genuine interest in your offerings.

If you are considering outsourcing your social media marketing, make sure you choose a company with a solid background in traditional sales and marketing. Any company telling you to be social on social media is taking you for a fool. To use social media effectively for your business, it’s about using the power and reach of social media to deliver a slick marketing campaign to your target audience.

Gather Social specialise in delivering socially designed content straight to your target market. All our content is produced with the focus of affecting your bottom line by generating enquiries from people actually interested in consuming your products.

Use your own social media accounts for being sociable, and use your business accounts for generating sales. Unfortunately, the term social media creates the illusion you have to be social on social media. However add the word marketing to the end, gives the game away. It’s about marketing, and the correct delivery of your marketing.

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