Why bulk buying likes and followers is a disaster and will cost you more in the long run!

f you’re thinking about social media cheating and bulk buying likes and followers, stop right now – don’t do it.

There are so many reasons why this is strategically a bad move. In fact, the only thing that will benefit from buying likes and followers is your ego.

Let’s think the decision through. How can paying for a load of bots to be following your accounts possibly lead to an increase in sales? For a start, these aren’t even real people, and they certainly don’t have real money, or any interest in buying your services.

The damage of taking such a shortcut comes far later down the line, and could be incredibly damaging to your business.

Facebook now allows you to clone your audience and start targeting a greater volume of people on both Facebook and Instagram. So with that in mind, let’s apply that to the decision to bulk purchase followers…

You have paid money for a load of useless contacts. You then go to clone your audience and you are simply cloning a load of useless contacts. You are therefore building an audience of bots to market to, which most definitely won’t buy anything from you.

Consider this as a scenario…

You have bulk purchased likes in the past. You then decide you don’t know what you are doing with social media and hand the accounts over to a professional service provider like Gather Social. We are then required to undo all of this mess, as we don’t want to clone your audience for fear of marketing to bots. We would have to grow your audience to ten times its current figure, before performing a clone, in order to not dilute the cloning process with fake accounts.

Bulk buying an audience actually goes against everything social media stands for and means the clever tactics we can use to identify your target market are rendered useless. You only need a few hundred likes to perform a cloning and identify an accurate target market to focus your efforts upon. Bulk buying followers renders this facility useless, and you are better off starting again.

If you are thinking about bulk buying followers, get in touch with us for some expert advice and guidance as to what to do instead of committing social media suicide. Email sam@gathersocial.co.uk or call 07709 427744