So how should you approach posting content on a business’ social media account?

Social media provides its users with instant hits of information. And whilst this is great for consumers in a fast-paced world, for a business this is a nightmare, because it means the creation of a job in a space which needs to be continuously moving.

Everybody who runs or has run business’ social media accounts has faced the conundrum, of what to share. Naturally, most people share content that they would like to see themselves, and they fall into the trap of using social media from a personal perspective as opposed to from the business’s perspective.

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. This way of using social media for business describes 99% of our customers.

So how should you approach posting on a business’ social media?

1. Take some time to prepare and do a content audit

One of the secrets to successful social media marketing that we apply here at Gather Social is to take all clients and prospective clients through a content audit. This allows us to analyse their social media assets and formulate a strategy built around content which specifically markets clients products and services.

From experience, most clients don’t realise the size of the archive of content which they are sat upon, to start and build a social media marketing campaign. Performing a content audit will provide you with a set of marketing posts, meaning you will always have something to share.

2. Monitor which posts perform best and create and share more of those

A content audit will provide you with a great archive of content from which to build upon. Once the content has been shared, you can then analyse its performance and make more of the best performing content. Building your content archive is the first step towards success on social media.

Getting your business to a position where you have hundreds of pieces of content is the first battle to win to be successful on social media. What content you need to produce for success is a different blog title altogether…

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