Why advertise for likes on Facebook and how do you convert likes into sales?

Advertising for likes on Facebook should be viewed as any other form of advertising: you advertise your product or service to your target audience.

By being transparent with your advertisement, you will only generate likes to your page from people who are actually interested in your offering. Once you have captured these likes you can then market to these individuals with content specifically aimed at educating them to your offering. The more likes you can generate and the more people you can educate, the greater chance you have of increasing website traffic and increasing sales.

The Advantage of Facebook Adverts when compared to traditional forms of advertising

Unlike traditional advertising formats, Facebook allows you to very accurately outline your potential customers on both Facebook and Instagram. This means that there is very little wastage – i.e. you are not paying to serve your advertisement to someone who is uninterested.

Take print media for example: there is 100% certainty that the readership will not all be your target audience. The result is waste of budget on an advertisement that isn’t in any way guaranteed to your potential customers (in fact, it’s very unlikely). Facebook’s detailed audience builder however lets you establish who your potential customers are and the actual size of your market place – a bi product which certainly can’t be achieved through print advertising.

Cloning your audience allows for a great level of accuracy for advertising to new customers

Facebook gives you the ability to clone your current page likes and match those likes to other members to an accuracy of 1% to 10%. We undertake this activity for all clients allowing us to target their adverts to users who match almost exactly to their current audience. When we have an advertisement which is working well, we perform this task, and improve the effectiveness and cost per conversion.

What happens next after they like the page?

We have talked extensively about having a content marketing archive to market yourself on Facebook. Once a person has liked the page and starts to receive your content in their organic feeds, your archive comes into its own. Your audience will start to see posts from you regarding your offering, which you can convert into website traffic and ultimately sales.

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